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Sending Comfort, In The Form Of Soup

Nothing says comfort like chicken soup, and now you can send that comfort to your far-away loved ones with Spoonful of Comfort.

Company president Scott Gustafson explains: “Spoonful of Comfort is an on-line gifting platform that enables the sender to send a very personal message of comfort and care to a loved one living anywhere in the continental United States. It allows them to be able to serve up a personal message of care through the time tested product of chicken soup and other gourmet soups. We package them up in gift packages. We have gone to great lengths to create a real unique and personal out of box experience so the recipients are getting more than just a thought when they are actually going through something.”

Listen to Karl Ulrich, Wharton’s Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Scott talk about making a personal connection in this digital world. Plus, get the inside story of Spoonful of Comfort’s Shark Tank appearance, which Scott credits with increasing the company growth from 50% a year to 80%: “We'll always speak highly of the experience, even though when you watch it it's maybe a little bit cringe-worthy.”

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