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A Better Way to Find Your Next Apt

Finding a new place to live is stressful, but VeryApt—founded by two Wharton MBA alumni, Scott Bierbryer and Ashrit Kamireddi, both WG’14—aims to reduce that stress by restoring trust in the apartment search process.

Recently, Scott joined Karl Ulrich, Wharton’s Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, on his radio show, Launch Pad. Here’s Scott’s elevator pitch for VeryApt: “VeryApt is an apartment marketplace that allows renters to search, schedule and sign an apartment all on one platform. When we built VeryApt what we really wanted to solve was trust in the process. So when lots of people think about the apartment search they think about bait and switch and they think about scams and they really are not sure what they're getting into when they're moving to a new apartment. Everything that differentiates our site is really focused on building up that trust and then getting the renter to the point where they can really enjoy thinking about their new home.”

Listen to Karl and Scott’s half hour conversation for more on how VeryApt optimizes your apartment search; why Philly’s a great place to start a business (Karl and Scott agree!); and the two questions that Scott uses to keep VeryApt on track: “Could we get paid? Do people use it?”

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