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The Uber of Waste & Recycling

Just a few minutes into the conversation between Karl Ulrich, Wharton's Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Gregory Lattieri, founder of Recycle Track Systems, Karl called RTS "the Uber of waste." Want to know why?

Gregory explains RTS this way: "We are a technology company first, but we are in the waste and recycling industry. So really a garbage and recycling company without trucks.... We have taken the technology that has been in car service and has been in food and other sectors and we have built a technology platform that allows us to be a waste and recycling company across multiple cities and service our clients. And then the key factor as the business changes and sustainability and people look to do better and do more for the environment we track our recycling material to the appropriate facility."

RTS gives companies essential transparency, both into when trucks will arrive for their waste, and into validation of the recycling material. Good for these clients--and good for the earth.