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Stopping Food Allergies Before They Start

After 20 years as what she calls a "sick care entrepreneur," Ashley Dombkowski wanted to truly become a health care entrepreneur. She’s now Co-founder and CEO of SpoonfulOne, a startup that is trying to stop food allergies before they start.

Based on intellectual property licensed from Stanford University, SpoonfulOne introduces the foods are responsible for 90% of food allergies to babies when they are just four to six months old and starting to eat solid food. The science behind this says that, as Ashley explains, “if you can introduce and then include foods that may commonly become allergenic before they become actual allergens to that immune system, we can keep the body from starting to think that those foods are actually something that they should mount an attack to.” Basically, give babies common allergens right away, and they’re less likely to develop allergies to those foods.

SpoonfulOne makes this as easy as possible: the product comes in powder form, and includes a daily dose of vitamin D. Parents can mix it into any food that their child enjoys, and ensure that kids get their daily dose of allergens.

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