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Luxury Home Essentials at Affordable Prices

You need to deck out a new home--you need Snowe. Founder Andres Modak, WG'12, G'12, has sourced luxury essentials and priced them way below fancy department stores.

Here's his elevator pitch: "Snowe is first and foremost, a vertical brand. We're building the home goods destination for the contemporary consumer. What we do is, we simplify shopping for the home by providing, designing, and selling the perfect luxury quality home essentials at attainable prices. So, what does that mean? We're primarily an e-commerce platform, but we are our own brand. We design and develop and sell luxury-quality linens, bed linens, bath linens, glassware, flatware, dinnerware -- all of your basics, all of your foundational goods. And we do that directly to the consumer online. All of these products are designed and developed to be absolutely exceptional, but at very disruptive prices. We're able to achieve that through innovative product design, cutting out middle men and markups, and selling directly to the consumer. "

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