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Tis the Season for Engagements! How to Buy That Diamond

If what you need is a diamond, head over to immediately.

If what you need is some insight into founding and growing the Kayak for diamonds, listen to this fascinating conversation between Karl Ulrich and RareCarat founder Ajay Anand.

This interview is full of useful ideas—one of which is, obviously, to be in Karl’s class at Wharton and get him to be an advisor for your company, as Ajay did. But even if you can’t have that, you can pick a great name (Rare Carat was not Ajay’s first idea); decide whether to pre-arrange affiliate relationships or wait until you’re already sending them traffic; and figure out how much time you, as a founder, should spend answering customer questions on the chatbot. (How often is Ajay actually the chatbot? "Most of the time.")

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