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If You Build A Better Breast Pump

Here’s Adriana’s elevator pitch for Lilu: “We are making breastfeeding more compatible with the lifestyle of the modern mom.... We have developed the first pumping bra that mimics expert recommended breast massaging techniques to help nursing mothers breast pump 30-200% more milk, hands free and hassle free.”

Adriana explains that “over 80% of mothers start breastfeeding, and the vast majority are also returning to work within the first year of their baby’s life.” Once mothers are back at work, however, the pumping process can be so slow that it eats away as much as 25% of the workday. Pumping is also uncomfortable, and often doesn’t provide enough milk. Lilu aims to fix all of these problems.

The benefits here are twofold: 1) a product that makes pumping milk be a better experience for breastfeeding mothers; 2) the time savings and added convenience and comfort mean that mothers who return to work are able to spend more of their time working, so society as a whole benefits from their increased productivity.

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