Launch Pad


Making Virtual Reality A Reality

YouVisit is making virtual reality a reality for brands and corporations by building out a proprietary technology platform as well as providing an award-winning production studio. Users can take immersive 360 degree tours of a university campus or glamorous hotel—via their computer, mobile device, or, best of all, using a VR headset.

By bringing together the tech platform and the production studio, YouVisit founder Abi Mandelbaum, WG’10 explains that “it has allowed us to innovate much faster because we constantly have the production folks talking to the technology folks.” It’s also allowed them to entirely bootstrap the company, because they’ve been focused on revenue since day one.

Karl Ulrich isn’t 100% convinced that this model will work in the long run—he suspects that “at some point you may have to pick what it is that you are uniquely great at, what is your unfair advantage, and bring some focus to that.” Listen to Abi and Karl talk through this fascinating question, and discuss how truly new technologies gain a foothold in the market—and why YouVisit chose to do this without taking outside funding.