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UNLOCKED - Patreon Dispatch #8 🎁

The last time we did this, we said don't get used to it. Well, we meant it. But we're also feeling overly generous. So here is last week's Patreon-only dispatch, featuring Moynihan and Kmele. You're welcome.


Kmele and Moynihan are back in Williamsburg drinking bad wine and talking shit...while trying to figure out why Welch isn't returning anyone's calls. 

Moynihan returns to Iowa and remembers why he hates journalists. Bumbling around the Hawkeye State, he chats with Andrew Yang, hangs with hardcore Trump types and fanatical Bernie bros. And they're all Iowa nice. 

Kmele has a black "Big Chill" weekend in Pennsylvania and opens about up his parents--to a gobsmacked Moynihan.


As usual, the lads try to catch up on a bunch of listener mail, provoking discussions about tattoos, Chile, Northern Ireland, Goop, The Central Park Five, and the "Preppy Killer" Robert Chambers.


And twenty years after it debuted, Kmele finally watches Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Outro music: RIP Andy Gill.

Recorded February 4, 2020