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153 - "Moderate Chic, NYT's Kavanaugh Follies, Our Pal Corn Pop"

- The “moderate chic” party

- RIP Emmet O’Lunney’s

- Brett Kavanaugh *Allegation(s)*

- College campuses in the 1980s was all about apartheid

- Moynihan’s Foggy Memory, and Everyone’s

- John Bolton, Out

- Obama’s Apology Tour and Trump’s Chomsky Impression

- Kmele’s Worried about Iranian escalation 

- Joe BIden’s "Corn Pop" Story: Fact Check=True

- George Packer’s Atlantic Piece on Schools

- Cancelling the SNL guy 

- Mark Sanford

- Business Insider's GOP debate

- Some Idiot Wrote This

Recorded: September 16th 2019

Published: September 19th 2019

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