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162 w/ Errol Morris "Steve Bannon, American Dharmam"

The director of classic documentaries "The Thin Blue Line," "Fog of War," and "Standard Operation Procedure," Errol Morris has long been the doyen of critics...until he made "American Dharma," a film exploring the worldview and influence of former Breitbart boss and Trump campaign chief executive Steve Bannon. Predictably, Morris was accused of "platforming" Bannon and, for the first time in his career, America's most famous documentarian couldn't find a distributor for his film. On the day "American Dharma" opened in New York, Morris sat down with Michael Moynihan to discuss the controversy, whether or not Bannon is a "fascist," and why he thinks his most controversial movie is also his best.

Recorded: November 1, 2019

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