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182 w/ Jonah Goldberg - "President Goop's Ultralight Beam Vaccine"

w/ Jonah Goldberg Editor-in-Chief @The Dispatch, Host @ The Remnant Podcast

President Trump has an inspired idea for arresting a global pandemic. It involves ultraviolet rays, disinfectant washes -- and Welch seems convinced that it also has something to do with "butt stuff" -- which, honestly, it wouldn't be the strangest thing you've heard all day.


- Jonah on Political Homelessness

- Define "Prevaricate"

- Presidential Ineptitude and Slothfulness,

- How Shitty Henchmen Keep America Safe

- Why The CDC is So Popular

- Trump Punching is Boring

- The Most Dangerous Debate

- On Tucker Carlson

- The Best Rescue Package

- Georgia: Open for Business (or something)

- Funding Lockdown Protests  

- The Limits of Mitigation

Recorded: April 23rd 2020

Published April 25th 2020

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