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Episode 176: "My Corona; Pat Foster, Armed and in the Wilderness; and Delicious Miami Floor Drugs"

UPDATE: The original version of this episode was uploaded out of sync. It has been replaced with a corrected version. We regret the error. But stop complaining. It's free.

The bat virus apocalypse continues. The Fifth Column soldiers on, shouting ¡No pasarán!

- Kmele is in the woods, Matt is in South Brooklyn, Moynihan is in hiding

- All COVID, all the time!

- Wait, so does he have it or not?

- Kmele questions the consensus

- Disaster capitalism becomes disaster socialism

- Money is fake. Let's give everyone a billion dollars, ok?

- Masked and bonding with the Hasids

- Why Matt can't smoke weed? (Yes, it involves Central Europe and the First Gulf War)

- Ken Burns gives it away

- Let's rerun 70s baseball and hockey games

- More on this damn virus

- We totally missed the Andrew Gillum wedding party

- Dude. The drugs were on the floor

- Pick some books. Let's read them

- And so very much more 

Recorded: March 16th, 2020

Released: March 17th, 2020

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