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Episode 174 w/ Eli Lake "Biden Surges, Chris Matthews, The FBI Scandal"

w/ Eli Lake ( Columnist @ Bloomberg Opinion)

- Typhoid Welch

- Biden crushes South Carolina and Super Tuesday

- Good 'ol Uncle Joe or Cognitive Decline

- "Democratic" Socialism?

- MAGA Corps and Bernie Bros Will Excuse Almost Anything Their Candidates Do

- Elizabeth Warren Lost -- It's Empirically Not HER Fault

- DNC Subterfuge

- Biden's Lies About Getting Arrested, Mandela Thanking

- Preview of the Biden v Bernie Debate

- Schumer SCOTUS Threat

- The FISA "Rubber Stamp"

- The Horrifying Books on Your Sshelf

- President Trump's *Disgraceful* Peace Deal w/ the Taliban

- Eli's Libertarian War Powers Fetish

- Steve Kornacki: Legend

- Chris Matthews

- Billionaire Lives Matter


Recorded: March 5th, 2020

Released: March 6th, 2020

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