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020 "Olympic Twerking, Obama's Drone War Playbook, The Clinton Foundation, Ferguson: Two Years Later" - The Fifth Column

Episode 20: The most discursive and 'intrupty' installment to date, but never worry, they always stick that landing (that's an Olympics reference).

This Week: - Obligatory Olympics Banter - Malia Obama twerks and tokes at Lalapalooza - Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, Lose in Court, But Kinda Win, Maybe... - Clinton and Trump Dazzle the American Electorate With More Email Scandals, Assassination Plots and the Appearance of Generalized Political Corruption - The Justice Department is Unimpressed with the Baltimore City Police Department - The White House FINALLY Releases It's Drone War 'Playbook' - Where else can you get all that in sixty mins? You're welcome.   The noble, just and righteous crusade to replace Olympic Badminton with Olympic Twerking starts here. Moynihan, Welch and Foster discuss (and bravely lead the charge)...