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067 w/ Alyona Minkovski “Get Me THE MOOCH, The Story of Lyndon Jumbo Johnson"

Ep. 67

[“And We Back." -Chance the Rapper]


- Moynihan is MIA

- Welch is trapped in a room with no AC, 75 dead flies, and a busted shoulder -- and loving every minute of it.

- Moscow is beautiful in the summer (if you believe a former RT propagandist)

- Kmele... well, yeah

- And the brilliant, talented Alyona Minkovski is IN THE BUILDING (@AlyonaMink)



- The brief but magical tenure of THE MOOCH. 

- The conspicuous absence of President Steve Bannon.

- Net neutrality and banning VPN apps in Russia and China.

- Numerous other things of urgent importance.

- And there may have been a brilliant Affirmative Action *exchange* at the end of this dispatch too, but it’s all a bit of a blur.


[ … The brightest stars have the shortest lives.]