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072 "Media Panics, Title IX, DACA, The Passion of Bagger Vance"

Ep. 72

Recorded 9/8/2017

Moynihan’s back from Russia and has the drinking stories to prove it. Normally reasonable journalos lose their goddamn minds over Betsy DeVos’ intention to bring back due process on college campuses.

Matt Welch on DACA: “Call it amnesty, and do it anyway” (WaPo)

Kmele takes Anthony Fisher to task for calling President Trump’s brand “cruelty” in a DACA-related article Fisher wrote for The Week. But you gotta hear BOTH SIDES (link:

Absorbing Ta-Nehisi Coates latest epistle “Donald Trump is the First White President” (The Atlantic)

Matt claps back at "comic" Andy Kindler.

A rare morning recording. Sober*, salty, caffeinated.


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