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095 "March for Our Lives, How to Journalist, So Moonshined" w/ Tom Slater and Tina Nguyen

Ep. 96

(Recorded: March 28, 2018)


Tom Slater, Deputy Editor @ Spike'd

Tina Nguyen, Politics and Media Reporter @ Vanity Fair


Marching for our Lives, Poisoning Spies, Activist Journalist...


- Moonshine, Poison (Half a Helping of Each)

- Killing Marco Rubio

- Teenage Sainted Activist Student Journalist

- Making America Great Again + Putting Y'all Back in Chains

- Kevin Williamson Moves to The Atlantic (Assorted Persons Freakout)

- Garbology

- How to Be Pro Brexit w/o Going Full White Nationalist

- Slightly Russia Linked

- Never Having to Say You're Fired

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