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097 “Facebook Hearings, Gas Attacks, Abortion & Murder, Race & IQ” w/ Kat Timpf and Ben Dreyfuss

Ep. 97

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Sorry for the unusually tardy release. This conversation was recorded approximately five days ago (prior to the most recent intervention in Syria), but the release was delayed by matters of great significance and urgency (which I won't bother to outline here). All the same, it's still a very fine vintage.

(Recorded: April 12, 2018)


with: Ben Dreyfuss (Mother Jones) and Kat Timpf (Fox News Channel, National Review)

- Facebook Congressional Hearings

- The (continuing/looming) War in Syria

- Trump May Fire (Muller, Rosenstein, and Anyone Else with the Temerity to “Attack America”)

- The Kevin Williamson Affair (Abortion, The Atlantic, and Capital Punishment -- Oh My)

- Race & IQ


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