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100 “In Defense of Red-Pill Kanye West, Trump Subpoena, Press Freedom Day”

Ep. 100

(Recorded May 3rd, 2018)

18:00+ Host Grab-Assing 20:00+ Defending Red-Pill Kanye, Why Slavery is Always YOUR fault 36:00+ Morrissey's Politics, Lennon's Domestic Violence 40:00+ Coping with Persistent (and almost certainly imaginary) Threats on Your Life 45:00+ Phrase Politics, Welch goes off the reservation 50:00+ Moynihan's Perpetually Offended 53:00+ Stormy Daniels 74:00+ Inside the Fox Green Room   ALSO:    - Trade Talk - The Best Tinted Glasses - The WHCD, Press Freedom Farce, Why Journalism Awards Suck - Welch Goes on a Sinclare Media Rant