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106 w/ Ken 'Popehat' White and Damon Root "Justice Kennedy Quits, Various Other Things SCOTUS”

Ep. 106

Foster and Fisher are joined by legendary civil liberties attorney Ken White (of Popehat blogger and Twitter fame) and Damon Root (Reason's resident SCOTUS journalo and the author of "Overruled") to chop up the Justice Anthony Kennedy's surprise retirement announcement, his legacy, and the confirmation shitstorm that's sure to come.

Also on tap:

- SPLC's capitulation to Maajid Nawaz's defamation suit- SCOTUS upholds the travel ban, busts public sector unions, and tells cops to get a warrant for long-term cellphone location records.

Bonus bull session on civility, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, civil rights, public accommodations, free association, and why no elected officials should be allowed to eat anywhere,  ever.

(Recorded: Tuesday, June 27th 2018)

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