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120 "Everything* You Need Know About The 2018 Midterms, Serious Journalism, The Beleaguered"

Ep. 120
- Phallic Humor - "We'll Do It Live" (In NYC, Next Month) - The Midterms (For People Who Kind of Hate Midterms) - The "Fuck You" Vote - Beto, Gillum, Abrams - Voter Fraud/Disenfranchisement - Trump vs. Acosta Part 5: 'Why can't they both lose?' - Trump: 'That's A Racist Question!' - Sessions, Out. Mueller, Next? - Cocaine Mitch Warns the Dems - Dog Whistles, Guilt by Association, David Duke - What Indiana Really Means - SIWT (Ezra Klein, Vox) - Surprisingly Serious Journalism Talk   Recorded: PM 11/7/2018 Published: 11/8/2018

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