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334 w/ Zaid Jilani "Jeff Toobin, Fapping Antifascist; The Terror Parents of Northern Virginia; A Bad Bisexual in a Bad Vest"

w/ Zaid Jilani, former reporter at The Intercept and current substacker (

  • Kmele, missing in a mudslide?
  • Zaid, the most left-wing staffer at the Center for American Progress
  • Cable news is horrible / Jeff Toobin slays white supremacy
  • School board chaos in Virginia
  • Creating wee lil' apparatchiks
  • Why do we care about the stupid VA governor's race?
  • Words don't mean anything anymore, part 322
  • We are all India-Pakistan now
  • The steady hand in DC is trembling
  • Dumb Republicans still have no economic program
  • Dear lord, she's wearing a vest!
  • The collapsing Biden economic agenda
  • Is Kyrsten Sinema a bad politician? Bad dresser? Bad bisexual?
  • Matt discovers his white privilege (and he likes it)

Recorded: 10/28/21

Posted: 10/28/21

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