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322 w/ Chris Rufo "Banning Critical Race Theory, Robin DiAngelo's Retread, Bill Cosby - Free, Guilty"

"Well, it's my show. So, it's how I wanna do it." - Joy-Ann Reid

"I can do what I wanna do." - Bobby Brown

"Whateva! Whateva! I do what I want!" - Eric Cartman

w/ Chris Rufo @ Senior Fellow, The Manhattan Institute -- Contributing Editor, City Journal

- When Rufo Met Reid

- The Art of Culture War

- Activist Journalist

- Critical Race Theory: Boardroom, College Campus, Neighborhood Preschool

- Bans, Censorship, Pedagogy, Choice

- Machiavellian Realism, Pyrrhic Victories

- Classical Liberal Caution, Libertarian Naïveté

- The "Last" Word

- Creed Wars and Culture Wars

- Welch Reviews Robin DiAngelo's "Nice Racism"

- "Doing The Work"

- Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable

- Pro Criminal Justice Reforms + Pro Putting People Under the Jail

- Broken Promises

Recorded: 6.30.2021

Published: 7.2.2021

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