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310 - "Two Live Shows and a Key West Hangover"

Florida is open for business, so The Fifth Column flung its masks into the garbage and headed to the Sunshine State for back-to-back live shows in Miami (coming soon to Patreon!) and a poolside recording in Key West (hence that hollow sound). Nursing hangovers and gasping in the heat, the lads stumble through the following pressing (and pointless) topics:

- Those Miami shows were pretty fun, eh?

- Wait, why exactly are we in Florida?

- Kmele thinks Creepy Joe wasn't being creepy

- The global minimum tax is dumb

- Ransomware everywhere

- This not wearing masks things is pretty great, innit?

- COVID addicts, COVID miscellany

- Kmele on the Fauci emails: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- The end of Tiananmen

- State violence works

- And so very much more...

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