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304 w/ Paul Rossi - "Verdicts, Reckonings, High School Indoctrination"

w/ Paul Rossi (Math Teacher and Writer)

A verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former officer convicted of murdering George Floyd, is an undeniable milestone for the entire country with wide-ranging implications for American media, politics, and culture. Had things gone differently, America would likely have seen another outbreak of "mostly peaceful protest" -- seasons with healthy smatterings of outright political violence.

And in K-12 classrooms across the country, another phase of America's 'racial justice' cultural war continues to play out. Paul Rossi joins our distinguished triumvirate to share details of the still-unfolding drama he incited by voicing opposition to one elite Manhattan private school's critical race theory-inspired antiracism programming.


  • Adam Toledo
  • Ma'Khia Bryant
  • "Kindly Inquisitors"
  • Why one Miami Venue REFUSED to host @wethefifth live recording (Hint: "It's cause somebody got' that transphobia." SMH)

Recorded: 4.21.2021

Published: 4.23.2021

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