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223 w/ Van Lathan - "Productive Disagreements and Common Ground"

Guest: Van Lathan @ "Higher Learning" (Co-Host), Previously @ TMZ

Kmele and Van connect for a wide-ranging conversation about racism, reconciliation, and finding common ground. It's yet another exercise in constructive disagreement. In fact, it's the back half of a three-hour discussion that managed to feature vanishingly few points of agreement -- and zero personal insults.

  • Oculus Quest
  • THOUGHT Warriors
  • Uncle Tom: A Most Dangerous Man
  • If Everyone Listened to Kmele...
  • Listing + Reconciliation
  • Representation
  • Racecraft
  • Strangefruit
  • MLK and the FBI
  • Juneteenth
  • Candace Owens Brother

Recorded Jan 27th, 2021

Published Feb 3rd, 2021