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196 w/ Josh Szeps "Covid, Cancellation, and Melanated Peoples"

w/ Josh Szeps (né Zepps), ABC Australia and host of the Uncomfortable Conversations podcast.

Josh-o's back and the dingo has his baby! Australia's most listened-to radio host joins the Fifth from his COVID-free compound in Sydney to talk nonsense about:

  • Paul Hogan (obviously)
  • How the Aussies handled the COVID
  • That story about our friend who resigned from the Times
  • "Cancel culture," right and left
  • "Good Morning ya' ****s!"
  • Armageddon the shit out of that rock
  • Are we becoming a totalitarian hell hole? (Probably not)
  • Viacom race theorist Nick Cannon on masked singers, Mariah Carey, and the Rothschilds.
  • Matt knew a Nazi

Recorded July 15, 2020