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186 w/ Balaji Srinivasan, Conor Friedersdorf - "Predicting Pandemics, Fixing Journalism"

Balaji Srinivasan (@balajis)

Investor + Entrepreneur, Former CTO @ Coinbase, Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz

Conor Friedersdorf (@conor64)

Staff Writer at The Atlantic, Founding Editor of The Best of Journalism

- How Startups Think About Failure + Survival

- Pandemics, Panics, and Journalistic Incentives

- Forging Societal Truth

- Why the US Failed to Take COVID Seriously

- Why Journalist Hate The Valley

- Believing Half of What You Read

- Epistemology Algorithms 

- A Feature Set for Fixing Journalism

- Looser Arguments

Recorded: May 14th 2020

Published: May 25th 2020

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