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155 - "Unforgivable, The Swampiest Swamp, DC Star Wars Bar"

- Picking fights in restaurants

- Botham Jean's brother forgives Amber Guyger for murdering his brother. And that's a problem. 


- Ukraine/Trump 

- Matt lacks the Xi-spot to laugh 

- Trump’s Afghanistan policy is a photo of ladies in pants 

- Base familial corruption

- Swampier than the swamp

- We've been had (if we're Obama or Trump supporters)

- Obama’s Jonas Brothers drone joke

- Trump’s DC hotel is the Star Wars bar

- Never Trumpers should be Never Government people

- Frank Luntz’s curtains open and play “Hail to the Chief”

- Impeachment check-in

- If Bannon hates the elites, why is he the primary source for Michael Wolff’s book

- Andrew Yang Hates Porn

- Christopher Hitchens' opinions from beyond the grave

- Don't write "Orange Man Bad"

- The Fifth Column LIVE, again?

Recorded: October 3, 2019

Published: October 4, 2019

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