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130 “The Jill Abramson Affair, Jewish Money, Indentured Servitude"

Ep. 130

(Plagiarism, Green Room Encounters, and All The Receipts)

- We Need to Talk About Jill Abramson

- Too Important to be a Plagiarist?

- Rep Omar: You Might Be An Antisemitism, But Maybe Not

- Blackface: The Highest Form of Flattery?

- Klobuchar, FTW

- Team AOC's Green New Deal Fiasco


- Moynihan Steps Out of Line

- The Huxtable Compound

- Indentured Servitude

- 22 Savage

- The Red Shoe Diaries

- Emergency Podcasting

Recorded: PM 2/11/2019

Published: 2/13/2019

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