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  • 4. S4E4 From Planes to Medicine to the UK Govt cracking down on smart gear.

    Show NotesSeason 4 Episode 4 The S in IOT stands for SecurityArticlesStory 1Qantas fixes data breach after passengers' personal details shared - ABC NewsStory 2Authentication failure blamed for Change Healthcare ransomware attack | CSO Online ( TopicNo more 12345: devices with weak passwords to be banned in UK | Data and computer security | The Guardian ( Calendar - Cyberwest Summit 15/5 16/5ContactsWebsite - Cyberwesthub.auEmail - westcoastcyber@cyberwesthub.auDiscord - MediaFacebook

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  • 3. S4E3 FUD. What is it good for?

    The Cyberhype around the Baltimore Bridge story has got us talking about FUD and its impact.
  • 2. S4E2 The rise of scammers and what we can do about it

    Politician spy Hackers strike everyday Australia - Cyberwesthub.auEmail - westcoastcyber@cyberwesthub.auDiscord - MediaFacebook
  • 1. S4E1 Was it REALLY the MOAB?

    In this 2024 season return we look at what has been called the Mother of all Breaches and ask if it lives up to the hype.Show NotesSeason 4 Episode 1 Was it really the MOAB?ArticlesAU Govt names and sanctions Medibank Hacker nets scammers US$25million TopicMOAB - Is it really? - Cyberwesthub.auEmail - westcoastcyber@cyberwesthub.auDiscord - MediaFacebook
  • 22. End of Season Special #4

    Cyberwest Summit Interviews - Troy Hunt
  • 21. End of Season Special #3

    Cyberwest Summit Interviews - Bex Nitert
  • 20. End of Season Special #2

    Cyberwest Summit Interviews - Catherine Manstead