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We're Not Wrong

About Unregulated AI Optimism and IRS Leakers

The gang are back together!

A influential venture capitalist says AI regulation could cause death. Is he right?

The man who leaked Donald Trump's tax returns from the IRS faces a lighter sentencing than some expected. Is this a bad precedent? 

Emails about last week's episode on Israel and Palestine.

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  • About Gig Work and Trump Ballot Access

    The gang discusses a new paper that believes gig workers are skewing economic data. How should the gig workers affect the numbers? Democratic Party efforts to keep Trump off the ballot in various states have not been successful. Are they right in trying?
  • About George Santos and OpenAI

    The House Ethics investigation into George Santos is completed and released and... jesus. The OpenAI debacle EXPLAINED!
  • About Supreme Court Ethics Codes and Weight Loss Drugs

    The Supreme Court has taken on a code of ethics in the wake of news stories about justices accepting gifts from billionaires. Weight loss drugs like Ozempic are becoming more popular but doctors who are not experts in weight management are beginning to get nervous. Who should decide about who gets these drugs?
  • About 2024 Predictions and Off-Off-Year Elections

    We are one year away from the United State presidential election and your esteemed panel has predictions they are almost positive will not sound stupid in 12 months.Republicans got thumped in abortion-charged Off-Off-Year elections. What do we take from that?
  • About Biden's Primary and Speaker Mike Johnson

    The gang discuss Joe Biden's new primary challenger and if his meddling of the calendar caused this mess in the first place.Also, we now have a speaker of the house. What do we think of him? Is he real? Or simply several MidJourney images rapidly sequenced?
  • About The Too Online Libertarian Folk Hero and Murder

    An Argentinian runoff brings Too Online Libertarian Folk Hero Javier Gerardo Milei one step closer to power. Is it good for America to make a hero out of foreign politicians?Murder stats are falling. Does anyone care?
  • About Israel and the Temporary Speaker

    The War in Israel sparks a passionate discussion on American reaction.How powerful should the temporary Speaker of the House be?
  • About the Speaker of the House Vacation and Amazon

    Kevin McCarthy is no longer Speaker of the House and the trio has many, many thoughts.The FTC is suing Amazon for anti-trust... does it have legs?