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About Stadium Subsidies and Third Parties (LIVE in Austin)

Recorded LIVE at the historic Alamo Drafthouse on S. Lamar in Austin

The Oakland Athletics plan to relocate to Las Vegas by 2027, following other sports franchises' departures from Oakland, sparking local outrage and ending negotiations with the city. The gang engages in a debate about public stadium subsides that leaves Andrew Heaton bleeding from the neck. We don't mention it in the show but it happened.

Next, according to a new NBC News poll, 60% of Americans, including about a third of Republicans, do not want former President Trump to run for the White House in 2024, with 30% citing potential criminal charges as a significant reason. The poll also revealed a majority of Americans do not want President Biden to seek re-election, raising questions about the possibility of a third party winning a state in the upcoming election cycle.

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  • About RNC and Joe Biden (RECORDED BEFORE HE DROPPED OUT) Live in Milwaukee

    **RECORDED BEFORE THE BIDEN DROPOUT**LIVE IN MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN... the gang discusses the Republican National Convention and the MAGA-dominated Republican Party. There is speculation about the possibility of Joe Biden dropping out and a contested Democratic convention. Chapters00:00 Introduction and Comparing the Convention to Des Moines06:10 Recapping the Republican National Convention11:58 Analyzing the Shifts in the Republican Party19:12 The Cover Band and Hulk Hogan's Entrance24:55 Analyzing Trump's Speech: Planned vs. Improvised46:48 The Possibility of a Contested Convention52:21 The Uncertainty and Consequences of the Election01:37:52 Tipping Points for Trump's Popularity01:50:02 The Mishandling of the Economy by the Biden Administration01:55:14 Living together as friends and navigating conflicts02:01:02 Michelle Obama's potential political role
  • About the Trump Assassination Attempt and JD Vance

    TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR OUR LIVE SHOW IN MILWAUKEE THIS FRIDAY in Milwaukee on July 17thThe gang discusses the attempt to kill President Trump in Butler, PA and what ramifications the discourse around him did or didn't have.They then go over the record and rhetoric of JD Vance, who accepted the nomination for vice president at the Republican National Convention last night.
  • About Invoking the 25th Amendment on Biden and Teaching the Bible in Schools

    WE ARE LIVE IN MILWAUKEE 7/19/24 TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW gang explore the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment and the concerns about Biden's fitness for office. They also touch on the media's coverage of Biden's condition and the lack of transparency from the White House. They also discuss the directive by Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters to teach the Bible in public schools.Chapters00:00 The Importance (or Lack Thereof) of Outfit Choices12:13 Controversy Surrounding Joe Biden's Cognitive Abilities31:45 Limited Options for Addressing Concerns about Biden's Health52:55 The Potential Scandals Surrounding the Biden Family01:09:26 Teaching the Bible in Public Schools01:19:33 The Chevron Deference and the Ninth Amendment
  • About Biden Dropping Out and Presidential Immunity

    The gang discuss is the concern about Joe Biden's performance in the presidential debate and his ability to serve as president due to his apparent cognitive decline. They debate whether Biden should stay the course, refuse the nomination, or resign as president. The conversation discusses the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity and the impact it may have on future prosecutions of former presidents. Chapters06:41 Debate Performance and Implications for the Democratic Party57:10 Debate on the implications of the ruling: abuse of power vs. protection01:17:56 Debating the Chevron Doctrine01:30:22 The Role of Billionaires in Society01:43:02 Richard Nixon's Perspective on Presidential Immunity
  • About Julian Assange and Paywalls (and Debates)

    The gang discusses the upcoming presidential debate and the frustrations with the corporate media's control over the event. Also, the release of Julian Assange from prison and the implications for press freedom. Finally, the New York Times' plan to put its top podcast behind a paywall. Chapters00:00 Surviving the Texas Heat32:51 Impartiality and Corporate Influence in the Debate Format42:18 The Case of Julian Assange01:04:54 The New York Times' Paywall01:18:01 The Power Dynamics of Influential Individuals
  • About Cheap Fakes and Banning SUV Advertisements in Scotland

    The gang discusses the concept of 'cheap fakes' in relation to Joe Biden and the unfairness of manipulating videos to misrepresent his actions. It also touches on the concerns about Biden's cognitive decline and the need for a more capable leader. Also, the effectiveness of advertising bans, using the example of banning fossil fuel advertisements in Edinburgh. Chapters00:00 Introduction and Setting the Tone20:51 Unfair Portrayal: The Concept of 'Cheap Fakes'28:54 Concerns about Biden's Cognitive Abilities34:45 The Limitations of the Democratic Party39:22 The Importance of a Capable Leader47:38 The Impact of Banning Fossil Fuel Advertisements58:51 The Potential Effect of Advertising Bans01:09:28 Addressing Pollution and the Need for Awareness01:23:54 Uncovering Media Bias01:31:25 The Role of Non-Profits in Journalism01:38:20 The Influence of Billionaires01:46:25 The Challenges Faced by Local Newspapers01:53:58 Updates on the Libertarian Party's Campaign
  • About Corporate Media's Death Spiral and Project 2025

    The gang discusses the decline of the Washington Post and the challenges faced by traditional media outlets. Also, Project 2025, a policy plan from right-wing groups outlining potential changes for a second Trump administration. Is it the doom of the Republic?Chapters00:00 Introduction: Four Kinds of French People10:42 The Decline of the Washington Post and Traditional Media23:15 The Importance of Local Journalism and its Decline25:38 Exploring New Models for the Future of Media30:17 The Future of Journalism and the Potential Impact of Jeff Bezos Selling The Washington Post36:46 Challenges and New Models for Local Journalism50:38 Analyzing Project 2025: A Policy Plan for a Second Trump Administration01:08:10 The Blurred Lines Between Campaign Literature and Taxpayer-Funded Materials01:14:00 Taking Allegations Seriously and Going Through the Judicial Process01:16:25 The Illusory Truth Effect: When Lies Become Believable01:23:42 Understanding the Midlife Crisis: A Data-Driven Perspective
  • About Trump's Felony Convictions and the Libertarian Party Convention

    The gang delves into the legal and political implications of the Trump trial, exploring the themes of presidential immunity, political motivations, and the impact on the upcoming election. The conversation then covers their experience at the Libertarian Party convention, the selection of the party's nominee, the dynamics between different factions within the party, and the future prospects of the party.Chapters00:00 Insights from Poker with Hedge Fund Billionaires03:18 The Trump Convictions and Trial Fairness10:33 Fundraising Impact on the 2024 Election59:21 Libertarian Party Convention and Voter Behavior01:13:09 Inside the Libertarian Party Convention: Nominee Selection and Factional Dynamics01:19:13 Challenges and Divisions: Understanding the Internal Dynamics of the Libertarian Party01:26:16 Future Prospects: Exploring Potential Candidates and Aspirations for the Libertarian Party01:41:12 Libertarianism and Political Landscape01:42:54 Democracy, Presidential Nominees, and Challenges01:54:58 Reflection on Historical Figures and Modern Discourse
  • About Alito's Flags and Nikki Haley (LIVE IN WASHINGTON DC)

    The gang arrive in DC. They tour the capitol! They can't get the AC to work!First, they judge Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito's choice of flags. Should he recuse himself from cases involving January 6th?Second, Nikki Haley has bent the knee to Donald Trump. Should we be surprised?Recorded May 24th at the Anacostia Arts Center in Washington D.C.00:00 Life in the Nation's Capital04:35 Exploring the Capitol13:21 Judges and Political Statements15:12 Legitimacy of the Judiciary43:03 Media Narratives and Public Perception46:50 Ethical Considerations in Judicial Actions53:21 Political Strategies and Alliances59:08 The Role of Media in Policy Coverage and Informed Decision-Making01:04:52 Navigating Student Loan Relief and Marijuana Legalization01:08:58 The Role of Government and Constitutional Amendments01:10:08 Voting Frequency and Government Functioning01:19:49 Laws Expiring and Governance01:26:32 Insights into Political and Social Issues