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About Antisemitism on College Campus and Suicide

A discussion on free speech and anti-Semitism on college campuses, with a focus on recent hearings and the firing of a university president. The conversation then shifts to concerns about the lack of attention given to the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the role of the US Congress. The debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict follows, with differing perspectives on the goals and actions of Israel and Hamas. The conversation concludes with a discussion on Hamas' strategy of using civilian targets to gain media attention. Also: the situation in Gaza, the involvement of Congress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, rising suicide rates, the impact of disconnectedness on mental health, the potential of MDMA therapy for veterans, the role of the US in deciding the end of the Ukraine war, the impact of money in politics, and addressing the shrinking middle class. The conversation covers various topics including snake drafts, rattlesnake derbies, property acquisition, the British royal family, deed restrictions, and attractive teachers.


00:00Introduction and Gross Things Done in Public

07:44Discussion on Free Speech and Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

14:05Concerns about the Hearing and Lack of Focus on Gaza

38:44Debate on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

49:41Discussion on Hamas' Strategy and Media Attention

50:24The Situation in Gaza

54:00Involvement of Congress in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

55:43Rising Suicide Rates

56:13Factors Contributing to the Increase in Suicide Rates

01:00:52The Impact of Disconnectedness on Mental Health

01:02:42The Role of Religion in Mental Health and Community

01:09:42The Potential of MDMA Therapy for Veterans

01:17:19The Role of the US in Deciding the End of the Ukraine War

01:25:20The Impact of Money in Politics

01:30:27Addressing the Shrinking Middle Class

01:38:22Snake Draft and Miss America Contest

01:39:21Snake Draft and Fantasy Football

01:39:45Different Ways of Doing a Draft

01:40:15Snake Draft and Rattlesnake Derbies

01:41:03Snake Draft and Snake Hunting

01:42:31Naming the Fan Base

01:43:42Discussion on Property Acquisition

01:44:42Debunking Misconceptions about the British Royal Family

01:46:00Prince Charles' Last Name

01:47:31Deed Restrictions on Property

01:48:31Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

01:49:15Recommendation: Politics, Politics, Politics

01:51:49Discussion on Deed Restrictions

01:53:18Recommendation: Rising

01:54:11Discussion on Attractive Teachers

01:55:26Story of a Student Crushing on a Teacher

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  • About the Border and Trump's NY Business Trial Penalty

    Justin and Andrew discuss their recent press junket with Americans for Prosperity to the border and address ethical concerns. They also explore the composition of people crossing the border and the reasons behind their migration. The conversation includes the importance of listening to border patrol and diplomatic solutions, the need for walls in certain areas and diplomatic efforts, the impact of Trump's actions on immigration, the need for more reasoned dialogue and less racial politics. They continue with the financial penalty on Trump in a NY Civil Trial and its impact on his image, concerns about prosecutorial selection and excessive monetary damages, the impact of Trump's actions on banks and victims, and the victimless crime argument and the consequences of Trump's actions. Chapters00:00Introduction and Wallace's Adventures01:21Considering New Life Choices01:58Low Energy Show02:27Justin's Influence and Travel Plans03:25Early Morning Flights04:21Political Campaigns and Dropping Out05:18The Grueling Process of Running for Office06:14Suspending Campaigns and Gathering Delegates07:11Choosing Primary Locations51:15Broken asylum system and high bar for asylum claims52:39The need for better logistics and enforcement53:33Majority of people show up for their asylum trials54:29Allowing legal immigrants to work and integrate into society55:23Trump's rhetoric and the divisive nature of the immigration debate56:15Listening to border patrol and diplomatic solutions01:01:30The need for walls in certain areas and diplomatic efforts01:06:18Trump's actions and the impact on immigration01:11:54The cruelty of the immigration debate and the need for a different conversation01:13:23The need for more reasoned dialogue and less racial politics01:14:51Trump's financial penalty and the impact on his image01:19:05Concerns about prosecutorial selection and excessive monetary damages01:25:44The impact of Trump's actions on banks and victims01:27:31The victimless crime argument and the consequences of Trump's actions01:32:00The monetary damages and the comparison to other crimes01:33:24The Systemic Issue of White Collar Crimes01:34:17Prosecutorial Element and Long-Term Implications01:35:36Consistent Prosecution of Bad Businessmen01:36:30Political Implications and Narrative01:37:00Implications on Other Cases and Public Perception01:38:49Two Tiers of Justice and Concerns01:39:18Trump's Criminal History and Public Perception01:40:14Trump's Responsibility for His Prosecution01:41:00Prosecutorial Motives and Political Implications01:41:57Inconsistency in Prosecution and Concerns01:43:24Rampant White-Collar Crime and the Bigger Problem01:43:53Lying on Loan Applications and the Perception of Crime01:44:50The Perception of Crimes and the Need for Consistency01:45:44Voting Against One's Own Interests01:46:38The Perception of Trump's Criminality and Political Narrative01:47:36Trump's Political Showmanship and Narrative01:48:26Concerns about Lawfare and Prosecutorial Motives01:49:50The Perception of Corruption and Keeping Classified Documents01:50:42Keeping Classified Documents and Memory01:52:19Voting Against One's Own Interests and Tribalism01:54:5502:26:08Regional Culture and Politics
  • About Libertarian RFK Jr. and the Monoculture

    The Gang discuss various topics including dick energy, communal dancing, RFK Jr.'s potential partnership with the Libertarian Party, and the last monocultural moment in our lifetime. They also analyze the record-breaking viewership of the Super Bowl and its significance in today's fragmented media landscape. The conversation covers topics such as the Taylor Swift effect on the Super Bowl, the impact of Super Bowl commercials, Biden's absence from the Super Bowl interview, the distraction caused by the Super Bowl, Jon Stewart's return to television, Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin, the examination of Mein Kampf and minstrel shows, the Russian perspective on NATO, Ukrainian agency, surprising election outcomes, and an interview with urbanist Alain Bertaud. In this episode, the host shares a personal story of quitting drinking and the impact it had on her life. She explains why she decided to record an episode about it and make it available for free on Patreon. The host also discusses the feasibility of betting on US elections and the limitations faced by American citizens. She shares an anecdote about providing an insider tip on an election outcome and the ability to buy and sell shares in political predictions. The conversation concludes with a discussion on congressional stock picks and the potential for investing in microchips.Chapters00:00Introduction and Dick Energy03:16Communal Dancing09:03RFK Jr. and the Libertarian Party17:43The Last Monocultural Moment38:11Super Bowl Viewership44:58The Taylor Swift Effect48:00Super Bowl Commercials51:10Biden's Super Bowl Interview54:17Super Bowl Distraction57:51U.S. Senate Vote during Super Bowl58:16Biden's Health and Media Perception59:42Jon Stewart's Return01:02:29Tucker Carlson's Interview with Putin01:08:14Examining Mein Kampf and Minstrel Shows01:12:24Russian Perspective on NATO01:19:07Ukrainian Agency01:24:32Surprising Election Outcomes01:26:24Cities: Skylines and Urban Planning01:28:47Interview with Alain Bertaud01:29:44Personal Journey of Quitting Drinking01:31:42Betting on Elections01:33:34Insider Tips on Election Outcomes01:34:31Congressional Stock Picks01:35:28Investing in Microchips
  • About the Tucker/Putin Interview and the Arizona GOP

    The gang discuss various topics including wearing Spanx, going to the gym, and Tucker Carlson's potential interview with Vladimir Putin. They also delve into the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the challenges of finding a resolution. Overall, the conversation covers personal anecdotes, current events, and geopolitical issues. This part of the conversation explores topics such as the global game of power, controversy within the Arizona GOP, the decline of institutions, transparency in Congress, the functionality of Congress, the ethics of recording conversations, the value of transparency, the charm of Baltimore, the impact of congressional size, and the conservative-liberal divide. It also addresses misconceptions about progressives and their policies. This conversation covers misconceptions about progressives, misrepresentation of political movements in media, the influence of pickup artist culture, and the impact of immigration on New York City. It also discusses the bias in artificial intelligence and highlights recent episodes of Congressional Dish and PX3.00:00Spanx and Gym Talk11:19Tucker Carlson's Interview with Vladimir Putin35:41The Intractable Ukraine Conflict48:20The Global Game of Power52:33Controversy in the Arizona GOP54:40The Decline of Institutions56:59Transparency in Congress57:57The Role of Institutions58:25The Functionality of Congress59:43Recording Conversations in Politics01:03:31The Pendulum of Transparency01:08:03The Ethics of Recording Conversations01:09:09The Value of Transparency01:11:41The Dysfunction of Congress01:18:55Transparency in Congress01:21:37The Charm of Baltimore01:25:15The Impact of Congressional Size01:28:11The Conservative-Liberal Divide01:32:21Understanding Progressives01:34:43Misconceptions about Progressives01:35:12Misconceptions about progressives01:36:35Misrepresentation of progressives in media01:37:29Incel, PUA, Gamergate, Prager, and Epic Times01:38:26Pickup artists and the book 'The Game'01:39:24Critiques of pickup artist culture01:41:14Gamergate and Jordan Peterson01:42:10Dennis Prager and the Epic Times01:42:27Misconceptions about Gen Z men01:43:52Misrepresentation of political movements01:46:30Looking beyond tribalistic politics01:50:18Impact of immigration on New York City01:51:33Historical perspective on immigration in the US01:55:25Lifting up the poor and helping immigrants01:56:49Proposed immigration criteria01:59:45The bias in artificial intelligence02:01:06Recent episode of Congressional Dish02:01:34Preview for the Nevada primary on PX3
  • About the Border and Gen Z's Gender Split

    The Gang is back in studio to break down Texas Governor Greg Abbott's efforts to deter migrants at the border. The responsibility for the southern border is debated, with a focus on the legal and practical aspects. We then delve into the gender divergence in Generation Z, the global trends in gender ideologies, the impact of the MeToo movement, the global obsession with the United State and, the influence of American politics on the world.Chapters00:00Introduction and Hotel Experience03:15Discussion on Governor Greg Abbott and the Border08:32Debate on Responsibility for the Southern Border09:53Record Number of Migrant Encounters at the Border19:20Analysis of Immigration Policies and Issues30:08Conservative and Progressive Perspectives on Immigration37:18Possible Solutions and Political Obstacles45:01Assessing the Border Situation under Biden47:00Supporting the Show48:15Gender Divergence in Generation Z49:34Global Trends in Gender Ideologies50:28The Influence of the MeToo Movement51:24The Global Obsession with the United States52:21The Impact of American Politics on the World53:13The Role of MeToo in Shifting Ideologies54:07The Effect of Women's Rights Backlash55:03The Global Technological Shift56:28The Atomization of Information57:27The Impact of Gender Conversations58:19The Essentialist View of Political Ideologies59:58The Influence of Cultural Context on Ideologies01:02:16The Impact of Gender Conversations on Global Trends01:06:28The Dangers of Gendered Political Views01:10:15The Need for a More Representative Primary System01:11:10The Andrew Heaton Sports Question of the Week01:14:32The Benefits of Increasing the Size of Congress01:17:32The Potential for a Travelogue Podcast01:20:49The Problem with Campaigning Without Money01:25:07The Issue of Geriatric Pregnancy Terminology01:29:59The Importance of Understanding Legal Arguments01:30:27The Potential for a Travelogue Podcast01:33:28Upcoming Episodes and Projects
  • About the New Hampshire Primary (Live from Manchester)

    Jen returns both to the show and New England. The gang discusses going to a Dean Phillips event, libertarians, political mailers and so much more.
  • About the Iowa Caucus

    Justin and Heaton are LIVE at Backpocket Pin and Pixel in Iowa.They discuss Hobo Museums, going to a Vivek Ramaswamy rally and who will win the Iowa Caucus.
  • About the Secretary of Defense Going Missing and DEI

    The gang covers a range of topics including personal experiences, COVID-19 concerns, government transparency, diversity and inclusion, accountability in public services, and personal health.00:00Stage Performance00:40Curiosity about Pictures01:44Turning 4003:04Airport Security04:02COVID-19 and Travel05:14COVID-19 Symptoms07:10Possible Exposure07:51Travel Dilemma09:26Alternative Solutions10:27Living Arrangements11:18Sick Dog12:11Concerns and Uncertainty14:16Lack of Transparency18:14Lloyd Austin's Surgery19:41Premeditated Secrecy23:16Deputy Secretary of Defense24:59Conspiracy Theory26:29Incompetence of the Administration28:00Doubts and Questions29:23Biden's Reaction31:46Biden's Response32:17Internal Dissent34:11Delayed Inauguration35:40Concerns about Biden's Reaction36:11Resignation and Dismissal38:42Resignation or Dismissal39:49Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion40:24Controversy around DEI45:26Diversity in College Admissions49:49Importance of Democracy51:24Expanding DEI Efforts52:15Accountability in Public Services55:41Accountability in Texas Energy Grid58:26Importance of Accountability01:00:18Expanding the Conversation01:01:28Unquestioned Ideology01:04:01Importance of History Education01:06:05Responsibility for Health01:10:15Winter Weather in Iowa01:14:47Concerns about Democracy01:17:23Extreme Cold Weather01:19:23Running Tips for Iowa01:20:41Taking a Break01:21:54Watching Veep01:26:51Personal Health and Blood Work01:27:15Responsibility for Health01:28:00Accountability in Texas Energy Grid01:29:26Lack of Accountability01:30:28Holistic Solutions01:31:26Disagreement on Accountability01:33:08Personal Health and Blood Work01:34:36Personal Health and Blood Work01:36:26Personal Health and Blood Work01:37:49Personal Health and Blood Work
  • We're Not Wrong about The Epstein List and Texas Power

    The conversation covers a range of topics, including birthday plans, camera preferences, an upcoming live show in Iowa, the release of names linked to Jeffrey Epstein, Jennifer's skepticism about the political process, grievances about the studio setup, and a legal ruling on Texas power companies' liability. This part of the conversation focuses on the negligence and lack of preparedness in the Texas power grid, the flaws of the deregulated energy network, the need for accountability and consequences for power outages, and the potential solutions to the problems. The discussion also explores the impact of third-party candidates on elections, the misconceptions about voting percentages, and the redefinition of the time between Christmas and New Year's. Additionally, the conversation delves into the use of AI in healthcare, the dysfunction of the healthcare market, and the benefits of direct primary care. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including Trump's smell and their appreciation for runners.Chapters00:00Birthday plans and camera preferences03:14Upcoming live show in Iowa05:16Jennifer's concerns about Iowa06:21Discussion on Jeffrey Epstein's list09:05Jennifer's skepticism about the political process13:14Jennifer's grievances and Justin's studio setup19:10Impending release of names linked to Jeffrey Epstein26:10Conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein37:05Legal ruling on Texas power companies' liability48:05Negligence and Lack of Preparedness50:25Deregulated Energy Network vs. Energy Monopolies51:46The Duty to Provide Electricity53:12Consequences for Power Outages54:06The Flaws of the Deregulated Texan Model55:03The Need for Accountability and Consequences55:31The Role of Sovereign Immunity56:57The Benefits and Drawbacks of Vertically Integrated Companies57:51The Impact of Extreme Weather on Power Grids58:44The Lack of Consequences for Power Companies59:37Solutions: Removing Sovereign Immunity and Requiring Duty to Provide Electricity01:05:37Redefining the Time Between Christmas and New Year's01:06:07Reviewing the Bingo Card01:06:25The Impact of Third-Party Candidates on Elections01:07:20The Flaws of the Two-Party System01:09:08The Misconception of Voting Percentages01:10:05The Role of Third-Party Candidates in Elections01:11:17The 2000 Election and Ralph Nader01:13:08Encouraging Voter Turnout and Redefining Voting01:14:51Naming the Time Between Christmas and New Year's01:19:31The Use of AI in Healthcare01:20:56The Dysfunction of the Healthcare Market01:24:55The Benefits of Direct Primary Care01:30:27The Crisis in Primary Care and the Role of AI01:33:10The Dysfunction of the Health Insurance Market01:34:36Discussion on Trump's Smell01:35:01Appreciation for Runners
  • About 2023

    In this review of 2023, the gang discusses Christmas and holiday celebrations, creating a name for the period between Christmas and New Year, book recommendations, leaking classified documents, and Dianne Feinstein's replacement on the Judiciary Committee. Also: political candidates and polls, negative views of the economy, inflation and rising costs, compound interest and inflation, meth on trains, sentencing for January 6th insurrectionists, political candidates' playlists, constitutional analysis of a Colorado decision, defining insurrection, college grading and party culture, and the influence of party culture on political affiliation. The conversation covers the complexities of school libraries and censorship, parental rights and transgender issues, the evolution of news and profit motivations, and potential structural changes to improve media.00:00Christmas and Holiday Celebrations03:19Creating a Name for the Period Between Christmas and New Year10:13Book Recommendations29:55Discussion on Leaking Classified Documents39:25Dianne Feinstein's Replacement on Judiciary Committee40:42Political Candidates and Polls41:25Negative View of the Economy42:09Inflation and Rising Costs42:47Compound Interest and Inflation43:33Meth on Trains44:00Lack of Public Transportation44:27Sentencing for January 6th Insurrectionists46:35Sentencing of Enrico Terrio49:49Political Candidates' Playlists50:55Surprising Playlists53:42Nap Week and Christmas Carols54:58Constitutional Analysis of Colorado Decision57:38Defining Insurrection01:01:36Thick Sauce and Weight Loss01:02:17College Grading and Party Culture01:05:51Party Culture and Political Affiliation01:14:29Party Culture and Political Affiliation (Part 2)01:20:22Moms for Liberty and Parental Rights01:21:21The Complications of School Libraries and Censorship01:23:04Parental Rights and Transgender Issues01:25:29The Evolution of News and Profit Motivations01:30:39Structural Changes to Improve Media