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About a National Divorce and Project Veritas

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently called for separating the US into red and blue states and shrinking the federal government. Proponents argue this would address political and cultural differences, but critics note the challenges of determining state boundaries and allocating resources.

Meanwhile, James O'Keefe, founder of conservative group Project Veritas, announced he is leaving the organization amid conflict with its board of directors. Project Veritas is known for undercover sting operations targeting liberal groups. O'Keefe claimed he was pushed out after Veritas broke a major story about Pfizer. However, the board cited concerns about O'Keefe's spending of nonprofit funds. O'Keefe's departure raises questions about Project Veritas's future direction and legal standing.
Are we all going to be children of a National Divorce? What's the legacy of Project Veritas? The crew break it down!

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  • About The Debate Deal and DNC Protests

    We have breaking news! Debates are happening!The gang discusses the Commission on Presidential Debates and the decision by the Biden campaign to cut ties with them. They also express their opinions on the proposed format for the debates and the need for more transparency in the process. The conversation discusses the history and flaws of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) and the potential changes to the format of the upcoming debates.They then discuss Democratic Party and the upcoming DNC convention and their reported plan to minimize possible protest by virtualizing parts of the programming. The conversation also touches on the lack of excitement for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party's failure to address the concerns of their voters.00:00 Light Banter and Drug Use in San Francisco12:24 Cutting Out the Commission: A New Era for Presidential Debates22:30 Including Third-Party Candidates24:58 Debate Format: Microphone Cutoffs and No Audience25:06 Timing of the Debates: Does It Really Matter?26:48 Debating the Inclusion of Third-Party Candidates29:21 Criticism of the Commission on Presidential Debates30:05 Strategies for Biden and Trump in the Debates36:30 Analyzing Potential VP Picks for Trump52:19 Exploring Potential Candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election57:43 Challenges and Strategies for the Democratic Party's Convention01:13:31 Frustration with the Democratic Party's Lack of a Clear Platform01:23:49 The Importance of a Strong and Cohesive Message in Politics01:24:53 The Dangers of Brain Worms and DNC Hit Jobs01:26:16 Violence in Germany and the Impact of Social Media01:28:37 The Unintended Consequences of Credit Card Regulations01:30:58 The Limitations of Public Transportation Systems01:32:29 Karaoke Songs for Baritones01:35:10 Bringing Back Blimps as a Transportation Option01:39:08 Upcoming Episodes: New York Times Polls, Poverty Alleviation, and the Palestine Issue
  • About Killing Credit Card Points and Trains Becoming Popular

    The gang discusses the Durbin Marshall credit card bill and its potential impact on consumers and businesses. The bill aims to introduce competition in the credit card industry by allowing businesses to choose payment networks other than Visa and MasterCard. Proponents argue that this will lower costs and benefit consumers, while critics warn that it could lead to the reduction or elimination of credit card rewards programs. They also discuss trains. 00:00 Introduction and Host Banter09:20 Discussion of the Durbin Marshall credit card bill28:43 The lobbying efforts of big retailers and airlines32:59 The potential consequences of the bill for consumers34:47 The Impact of the Durbin Amendment38:38 Trains!46:11 The Importance of Application and Better Infrastructure01:08:34 Subsidizing Trains01:14:35 The Challenges of Homeownership01:17:32 Streamlining Plane Safety Instructions01:21:44 Reviving the Whig Party
  • About The End of the Motion to Vacate and Weed

    The Gang discuss the upcoming Libertarian National Convention and the surprising announcement that former President Donald Trump will be speaking at the event. The conversation then shifts to the motion to vacate Speaker Mike Johnson, led by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Representative Thomas Massie. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the reclassification of marijuana and the potential impact on the industry and society. In this conversation.00:00 Donald Trump Announcement14:39 Motion to Vacate46:21 Weed Reclassification1:17:53 Emails
  • About TikTok's Future and Women's Pain

    TICKETS TO WASHINGTON D.C. LIVE SHOW AVAILABLE NOW gang discuss the newly passed TikTok bill, which mandates the sale of TikTok from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, and potentially ban the app if a sale doesn't occur within a year. Does it stand up to legal scrutiny?We then discuss women's pain and the need for a more nuanced approach to its assessment and treatment in the medical field. The lack of research and understanding of women's health issues is highlighted, along with the importance of investing in women's health research to achieve gender equality in healthcare.00:00 The Best Dressed Men in America13:20 The TikTok Bill and Its Implications39:19 The Potential Ban of TikTok and Its Political Ramifications56:03 Addressing Women's Pain in Medicine: The Need for Research and Understanding01:06:40 Challenges in Women's Healthcare: Lack of Attention and Time Constraints01:17:32 A Nuanced Approach to Pain Assessment and Treatment Decisions01:26:23 Podcast Update: Season Two of Jury More01:49:26 Organizing Political Party Conventions: A Daunting Task
  • About Taxes and Mayorkas' Nonexistent Impeachment Trial

    Justin Robert Young, Jen Briney and Andrew Heaton discuss various topics, including Justin's announcement of his wife's pregnancy, the decline in tax refunds, and the impeachment proceedings against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 00:00 Introduction and Announcement of Pregnancy09:22 The Decline in Tax Refunds and Changes in the Tax System38:19 The Impeachment Proceedings Against Alejandro Mayorkas45:36 The Role of Congress in Immigration54:09 The Need for Term Limits01:06:07 Running for Office
  • About FISA and Networks Begging for Presidential Debates

    The gang discuss the recent eclipse, the FISA debate, and the importance of presidential debates. Also, your Gaza emails...The hosts share their experiences of the eclipse and discuss the significance of the event. They then delve into the FISA debate, highlighting the history and controversies surrounding Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Finally, they discuss the value and effectiveness of presidential debates, with one host expressing skepticism and the other acknowledging their historical significance. The conversation explores the potential changes that could be made to improve the presidential debates. They discuss the historical significance of debates and the value of seeing candidates go head-to-head. The conversation ends with your emails on the Israel-Palestine conflict and the significance of the hostages in shaping perspectives. In this final part of the conversation, the hosts address some feedback and reflect on the emotional nature of the discussion. They emphasize the importance of understanding different perspectives and engaging in civil debate. They also discuss the need to challenge one's own beliefs and avoid intellectual laziness. The hosts express their gratitude for the support and understanding of their audience.00:00 The Magical Atmosphere of the Eclipse12:03 The Controversy Surrounding Section 702 of FISA38:06 The Decline of Presidential Debates49:11 Proposed Changes to Improve Debates01:14:12 Considering the Perspective of Hostages01:41:18 The Importance of Civil Debate and Understanding Different Perspectives01:50:22 Appreciating the Support and Understanding of Listeners
  • About the World Central Kitchen Bombing in Gaza

    The gang discusses the World Central Kitchen convoy attack in Gaza, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 00:00 Easter Traditions and Orthodox Easter02:20 Communion Wafers and Rituals09:21 World Central Kitchen Convoy Attack15:51 Conflict in Gaza and Potential Land Grabs39:20 Debating the Goals and Actions of the Israeli Government45:00 Reevaluating American Foreign Policy in the Middle East59:21 Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis and Long-standing Issues01:01:09 Navigating Fear and Cowardice01:03:17 Exploring Perspectives: Israeli Government and Hamas01:06:53 Understanding the Historical Context01:08:38 The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza01:10:44 Challenges of Discussing Controversial Topics01:16:23 Hopes for Resolution and Rebuilding01:29:45 The Complexity of Hostage Situations01:34:32 Regulatory Capture and the Safety of Glyphosate01:37:36 The Quirks of Pronunciation01:53:57 Upcoming Episodes of Their Podcasts
  • About RFK Jr.'s VP and Ronna McDaniel's short television career

    The gang discuss RFK Jr.'s presidential campaign and the selection of Nicole Shanahan as his VP pick. Also, the controversy surrounding NBC's hiring and firing of Ronna McDaniel.00:00 Introduction and Personal Anecdotes16:19 RFK Jr.'s Presidential Campaign29:56 Nicole Shanahan's Background and Priorities36:30 Shanahan's Donations to Democratic Candidates36:59 The Potential Fallout of AOC's Speech38:21 The Promises and Disappointments of Andrew Yang39:45 The Gary Johnson Campaign and Low Moral Character40:15 The Rebranding of Diddy42:03 NBC's Controversial Hiring and Firing of Ronna McDaniel43:33 The Backlash Against NBC's Decision48:39 The Illiberal Stance of the Media50:07 The Importance of Constructive Dialogue54:01 The Lack of Standardization in EV Charging01:13:42 Government Handouts to Corporations01:15:00 Ownership of Charging Stations01:16:15 Challenges of EV Charging01:17:09 The Impact of Electric Scooters01:17:34 Safety Concerns with Scooters01:18:25 Longevity of Cars01:20:20 The Environmental Impact of Cars01:22:08 The Inefficiency of the New York Subway System01:37:24 Funiculars and Other Transportation Systems01:38:19 The Use of Chalk in Building Brackets01:40:06 The Role of Helicopter Pilots in Government01:41:35 The Delegation of Decision-Making to Executive Branch Agencies01:42:30 The Ineffectiveness of the Inflation Reduction Act01:44:15 The Role of Federal Regulators in Incentivizing Behavior01:45:41 The Lack of Accountability in Congress
  • About Sonia Sotomayor retiring and the death of Electric Vehicles

    Should Justice Sotomayor should retire? The gang explores!Also, are we already past peak EV? This might be the first year we sell less of them then the year before. The gang discusses the lack of charging infrastructure for EVs, the role of government in EV charger installation, and the challenges faced by Hertz in maintaining its EV fleet.Chapters00:00 The Beach Debate07:41 Upcoming Camping Trip13:11 Near-Death Experience35:46 The Structure of the Supreme Court41:12 The Constitutionality of Abortion42:08 Politicization of the Supreme Court43:35 Misconceptions about the Supreme Court44:04 Media Reporting on Supreme Court Decisions45:25 Competency of Judges vs. Congress50:03 Challenges of Electric Vehicle Adoption51:25 Lack of Charging Infrastructure52:14 Government Involvement in EV Chargers53:43 Challenges of EV Adoption and Inflation Reduction Act55:25 Hertz's Challenges with EV Fleet56:16 Importance of Chargers for Businesses58:12 Government Involvement in EV Chargers01:00:57 Different Types of EV Chargers01:04:31 Challenges of Building a National Train Network01:09:45 Experience with Thunderstorms and Fire Alarms01:11:11 Removing a Branch of the Federal Government01:13:05 Feasibility of Train Travel in the US01:19:59 Factors Affecting Train Travel in the US01:22:22 The Need for Basic Infrastructure01:23:14 Connecting Major Cities with Trains01:24:21 Improving Bike Safety and Alternative Transportation01:27:01 The Debate Over Terminology: Illegal Immigration01:30:45 The Power of Words and Linguistic Manipulation01:32:29 The Role of Words and Language in Society01:34:11 The Euphemistic Treadmill and Offensive Language01:36:21 The Impact of Words and Language on Perception01:38:10 Expressing Opinions and Dealing with Reactions01:41:29 The Broad Scope of the TikTok Bill01:43:50 Concerns about TikTok's Algorithm and CCP Control01:46:45 The Impact of the TikTok Bill on Other Apps01:49:06 Understanding the Failures in Boeing's Audits01:55:14 The Debate Over Double Contacts in Volleyball01:59:45 The Tragic Story of Lester C. Hunt02:01:36 The Lavender Scare and Thought Control02:02:05 The Hypothetical Scenario of Presidential Deaths