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Wellspring Academy

Episode 5 The History Lesson

Professor Winterbottom teaches the class of emotions about the history of King Emotion. But there are a lot of unanswered questions and it's really got Confusion feeling... confused and Anxiety feeling... anxious.

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  • Episode 6 A Visit to the Headmaster's Office

    Anxiety, Confusion and Confidence seek out the Headmaster to try and get some answers about the mystery of Kind Emotion's disappearance.
  • Episode 4 More Anxiety...

    Professor Snair checks everyone's homework to find out 3 ways Anxiety can be helpful.
  • Episode 3 After School Chat

    Confusion is feeling well... confused by the last class. So all the other emotions try to help answer Confusion's questions.
  • Episode 2 Anxiety

    Today the class begins exploring Anxiety. When is Anxiety helpful and unhelpful. All the emotions come together to help Anxiety learn about itself.
  • Episode 1 Wellspring Academy

    Before a person is born, all their emotions head off to Wellspring Academy, School for Emotional Understanding. There they learn all about themselves so that they can be the best emotions ever, for when their person is born! Created by an experienced Family Counsellor this podcast is designed to take you and your child, or maybe just you and your inner child... on a journey of emotional and personal discovery using the principals of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.