Well, hello anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson

Our minds didn’t evolve for modern day life, let alone pandemic life. It’s natural to feel anxious, but sometimes we can get stuck in a cycle of anxiety that gets in the way of, well, everything. If you’re looking for a compassionate place to learn how to dial anxiety down and get on with creating a happier life with more calm, contentment, meaning and purpose, this is the podcast for you.
Well, hello anxiety is hosted by anxiety and well-being speaker, educator and bestselling author Dr Jodi Richardson. Through open and honest conversations Jodi and her guests share expertise, inspiration and practical strategies to help you rise to the challenge of being human with the tools you need to thrive.
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Dr Jodi Richardson

Hi! I'm Dr. Jodi Richardson, anxiety and wellbeing speaker, bestselling author and educator. Whether it’s through everyday stressors (hello, 2020 and *ahem* 2021), challenging school, work, or life circumstances, or even the genetic imprint of a mental health condition, anxious thoughts and feelings can make life very difficult. I get it; anxiety and I have been acquainted for a very long time. If you’re looking to cultivate the skills to finally get anxiety out of the way and embrace all of life’s possibilities (or support children to do just that), this is the podcast for you.