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#82: Include Your Family in Your Work with Rajat Mishra

Ep. 82


Rajat Mishra is the Founder and CEO of Prezent.ai, the presentation productivity platform for enterprise teams, which recently closed a $4.3M USD funding round.


He’s also the President of Prezentium, a business presentation firm.


He’s also the Executive Producer of Think Deeply and Speak Simply podcast, which talks about the art and science of communicating ideas.


He formerly ran the $14B Customer Experience business unit of Cisco which consisted of over 1000 team members.



·     How he holds family meetings like exec team meetings to keep the family aligned

·     How he puts his children to work

·     How he invested $1M of his own money to start a company



LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/rajatbmishra

Prezentium: https://prezentium.com

Prezent AI: https://prezent.ai



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