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#82: Include Your Family in Your Work with Rajat Mishra

Ep. 82

Today’s guest is Rajat Mishra, the Founder and CEO of Prezent.ai, the presentation productivity platform for enterprise teams, which recently closed a $4.3M USD funding round.


He’s also the President of Prezentium, a business presentation firm.


He’s also the Executive Producer of Think Deeply, Speak Simply podcast, which talks about the art and science of communicating ideas.


He formerly ran the $14B Customer Experience business unit of Cisco which consisted of over 1000 team members.


While the original goal of the conversation was to discuss business presentations, we went deeper and discovered how his family is a huge part of his companies and his life, and the lessons they are learning from working together.


You will learn about why he started his company, how he includes his family in his work, how he gives back, what he has learned, and where he is going next.


LinkedIn: Rajat Mishra



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