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Episode 123: Loki, Season 2

This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates the second season of the Disney television series Loki, based on Marvel Comics, which finds Loki working with Mobius M. Mobius, Hunter B-15, and other members of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) to navigate the multiverse in order to find Sylvie, Ravonna Renslayer, and Miss Minutes. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films of the franchise. Eric Martin served as head writer and Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead lead the directing team. Tom Hiddleston reprised his role as Loki from the film series, starring alongside Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie), Wunmi Mosaku (Hunter B-15), Owen Wilson (Mobius), and Jonathan Majors (He Who Remains / Victor Timely). In this episode hosts Michael Shields and River Jordan celebrate Tom Hiddleston's 14 year run as the infamous Marvel God Loki while tipping their horned-hat to the terrific ensemble cast in general. They remark about Natalie Holt's enthralling score and the unexpected conclusion to the series all while sharing their undying love for entertainment revolving around time travel.

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  • Episode 126: Fargo, Season 5

    This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates the fifth season of Fargo, the anthology dark comedy–crime drama television series created by Noah Hawley. The enthralling season is set in Minnesota and North Dakota in the fall of 2019. It stars Juno Temple as Dorothy "Dot" Lyon, a seemingly typical Midwestern housewife living in Scandia, Minnesota, whose mysterious past comes back to haunt her after she lands in hot water with the authorities. Jon Hamm also stars as menacing North Dakota Sheriff Roy Tillman, who has been searching for Dot for many years. Other cast members include Jennifer Jason Leigh as Dot's wealthy and conservative mother-in-law Lorraine Lyon, David Rysdale as Dot's innocent, loving husband, Joe Keery as Roy's loyal son Gator, Lamorne Morris as Deputy Witt Farr, and Sam Spruell as the mysterious drifter Ole Munch.
  • Episode 125: Maestro

    This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates Maestro, the biographical romantic drama film that centers on the relationship between American composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montealegre. It was directed by Bradley Cooper, from a screenplay he wrote with Josh Singer. Maestro was produced by Cooper, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger, Fred Berner and Amy Durning. The film stars Carey Mulligan as Felicia alongside Cooper as Bernstein; Matt Bomer, Maya Hawke, and Sarah Silverman appear in supporting roles. After sharing their brief thoughts about the recent Oscar nominations, hosts Michael Shields and River Jordan dig into what works and what doesn't in Bradley Cooper's triumphant ode to Leonard Bernstein's complicated and fascinating life.
  • Episode 125: 2024 Television Preview

    This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal looks forward to the year ahead and previews a slew of the captivating television shows set to air in 2024. Join in as hosts Michael Shields and Ryan O’ Connell discuss heralded television shows returning for their latest season — those highly anticipated, beloved programs such as True Detective, Stranger Things, The Bear, and House of the Dragon. Then, they dig into a bevy of television shows premiering this year, ones such as The Veil, Fallout, The Penguin, The Sympathizer, The Regime, Masters of The Air, and Shogun. A bounty lies ahead, and this episode of Welcome To The Party Pal aptly prepares viewers for the goodness that awaits. 
  • Episode 124: The Best Television Shows of 2023

    In this episode of Welcome To The Party Pal hosts Michael Shields and Ryan O’ Connell share their choices for the best television shows of 2023. Join in as they take you inside gourmet kitchens in Chicago, private jets taking off from New York City, acting studios in Los Angeles, evangelical churches in South Carolina, and beyond — in a celebration of the television shows that entertained and enlivened our lives in 2023! 
  • Episode 122: Killers of the Moon

    This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates the epic Western crime drama film, Killers of the Flower Moon, directed by Martin Scorsese, who co-wrote the screenplay with Eric Roth, based on the 2017 book of the same name by David Grann. Its plot centers on a series of Oklahoma murders in the Osage Nation during the 1920s, committed after oil was discovered on tribal land. Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Lily Gladstone lead an ensemble cast, that also includes Jesse Plemons, John Lithgow and Brendan Fraser. It is the sixth feature film collaboration between Scorsese and DiCaprio and the tenth between Scorsese and De Niro, and the eleventh and final collaboration between Scorsese and his musical partner, Robbie Robertson, who died two months before the film's release. Join in as hosts Michael Shields and River Jordan dissect one of the most captivating, and disturbing, events in American history, a story that was brought vividly to life to one of the greatest directors of all time.
  • Episode 121: The Creator

    This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates The Creator, the 2023 science fiction film produced and directed by Gareth Edwards, who co-wrote the screenplay with Chris Weitz. The film stars John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, Allison Janney, and Madeleine Yuna Voyles (in her film debut). Set in 2055 after a nuclear detonation in Los Angeles and a war against artificial intelligence, an ex-special forces agent is recruited to hunt down and kill the "Creator," who has developed a mysterious weapon with the power to end the war. In this episode hosts Michael Shields and Douglas Grant discuss the film tributes that Gareth Edwards employs within The Creator while tipping their hat to the gifted director's science fiction worldbuilding prowess. They talk about the remarkable film debut of Madeleine Yuna Voyles, Allison Janney's foray into action films, the thoughtful social commentary present in the film, the best use of Radiohead's music in film and television, and so much more.
  • Episode 120: Winning Time

    This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, the sports drama television series created by Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht for HBO, based on the book Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s by Jeff Pearlman. The first season, comprising 10 episodes, chronicles the 1980s Showtime era of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team featuring notable NBA stars Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It features an ensemble cast led by John C. Reilly, Jason Clarke, Jason Segel, Gaby Hoffmann, Rob Morgan, and Adrien Brody. In this episode hosts Michael Shields and Justin Wells laud the extraordinary cast, the massive (often disjointed) scope of the series, and the fascinating stylistic choices present in the series, while bemoaning how the series was unceremoniously cut short after two season.
  • Episode 119: Oppenheimer

    This episode of Welcome To The Party Pal celebrates Oppenheimer, the epic biographical thriller film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Based on the 2005 biography American Prometheus by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin, the film chronicles the career of American theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer. The story predominantly focuses on Oppenheimer's studies, his direction of the Manhattan Project during World War II, and his eventual fall from grace due to his 1954 security hearing. The film stars Cillian Murphy as the title character, Emily Blunt as his wife, "Kitty," Matt Damon as head of the Manhattan Project Leslie Groves, Robert Downey Jr. as U.S. Atomic Energy Commission member Lewis Strauss, and Florence Pugh as Communist Party USA member Jean Tatlock. The ensemble supporting cast includes Josh Hartnett, Casey Affleck, Rami Malek, and Kenneth Branagh. Listen is as hosts Michael Shields and River Jordan marvel over the genius of Christopher Nolan, tip their hat (a hybrid of a porkpie crown with a somewhat Western brim) to Ruth De Jong's brilliant production design and Ludwig Göransson's gripping score, and show their undying love to the great state of New Mexico!