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  • #199.6 - Jack the Ripper

    A previously recorded and edited episode due for release as WTATU #201, recovered and released by Rick,
  • #200 - The Death of WTATU

    Uploaded and complied by Rick Dove.
  • #199.5 - EU or "Pee-yousa!"

    EU or Pee-yousa...
  • #199 - Weird News: Pork Products

    Boy rat, big cat, and drug chat. Dog walk, tattoo talk, and offensive pork.Spooky face, UFOs in space, and pasta in a strange place.Holy macaroni! - It's Weird News, you know what to expect.--Brittle bone charity donation link: --Links to stories:Woman spots perfect William Shakespeare image in her ceiling light which can't be unseen - House: Don't Panic Over UFO Shoot Downs - Bloomberg Television (YouTube)Project Bluebeam - Yomikez (YouTube)Thousands lose their minds as woman looks completely frozen in time in 'Matrix' video - who spent £12,480 to become a dog says he’s ‘fulfilling his dream’ as he’s taken for walk - ladbibleFormer US military contractor claims 'superweapon' is being created in Antarctica - macaroni! New Jersey town baffled by 500lbs of pasta dumped by brook - guardian.comFive things people recall after they are brought back from the dead, says ICU doctor - rodent-human 'mummy' leaves museum pleading for help - test ‘confirms’ big cats are roaming around British countryside -'I went blind after tattooing my eyeballs blue - but I have no regrets' - us at - and visit the website at: weirdtalesandtheunexplainable.comBuy bonus eps at of The Bob Shoy Podcast Network-Visit for other podcasts you may enjoy
  • #198 - Alien Abductions: Travis Walton

    Bob's Alien Abductions trilogy comes to a close with one of the most famous cases of all time.--Other media mentioned:Fire in the Sky (1993)Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton (2015)Alien Abduction: Travis Walton (2022) - from the Shock Docs series (clips of this played on the ep)The Walton Experience, by Travis Walton [book]An Illustrated History of UFOs, by Adam Allsuch Boardman [book]--Outro music this week:Lavender Town Theme, by FalKKonE --Podcast recommendations:The Secret Formula, with Adrianna & Joey"2 weirdo's going through and watching Spongebob from start to it's current run. This could take awhile.... 100% Unofficial. 100% Filled with love for a show that brought and continues to bring us joy in these trying times."A Cup of Tea with Jon and Lily"A daughter and dad sit and have a chat about life the universe and everything"--Contact us at - and visit the website at - weirdtalesandtheunexplainable.comBuy bonus episodes at of The Bob Shoy Podcast Network-Visit to discover other podcasts you may enjoy.
  • #197 - Vampire Lifestylers (Weird Tales Revisited)

    Bob and Rick talk about Sanguinarians and Psychic Vampires for Rick's last ever WTATU.--Clips from the following YouTube videos featured on this episode:One Step Beyond - Vampires of Today, from DiscoveryMeet the vampires: the kinky Texans who drink blood, from The SunWhat is Renfield's Syndrome? - Dr. Sulata Shenoy, from Doctors' CircleAn Interview With A Real Life Vampire--Other media mentioned:The Red Cellar6 Signs You're Dealing with Energy Vampires, from Psych2GoWhat We Do In The Shadows [TV]What We Do In The Shadows [Film]South ParkInterview With The Vampire: The Vampire ChroniclesNosferatu The VampyreOnly Lovers Left Alive30 Days of NightBram Stoker's DraculaMorbiusTwilight--Contact us at - and visit the website at - weirdtalesandtheunexplainable.comBuy bonus episodes at of The Bob Shoy Podcast Network-Visit to discover other podcasts you may enjoy.