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Weedwhacker Podcast Episode 5 with Hersh Rephun

Ep. 5

Hersh Rephun started in comedy and has moved into other areas but always finding a way to move forward day by day. Check it out as we have some fun while whacking some weeds.

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  • 12. The Weedwhacker Podcast with my guest, Stephanie King Mattingly

    Stephanie King Mattingly has quite a life story. Like many of us she has had experiences that she kept bottled up inside. She has gone from TV Newsroom to authoring her upcoming book, The Secret You Hide Holds You Back. Stephanie shares a little of her life and some of the motivation for her book. You can get a FREE preview copy of the book (pdf format) on the condition that you provide a review of the book once you read it. If you ever feel like there's something inside you trying to get out, then you need to listen to this episode of the Weedwhacker Podcast then connect with Stephanie to get a preview copy of her book. You'll be glad you did.
  • 11. The Weedwhacker Podcast with Allyson Roberts

    Allyson is a transformational life coach who shows business professionals how to overcome fears, take some risks to grow and really whack some weeds to be truly successful. I think you'll love this episode.
  • 10. Weedwhacker Podcast with Mike Buzinski

    So you think you know about internet marketing? There is so much more too it than one can imagine.In this episode, Coach Mike interviews the Buzz, Mike Buzinski, host of the You Are Buzzworthy podcast. Pay Per Click, SEO, social media.... online marketing can be very complex. The Buzz makes is understandable and will show you how to create a strategy to increase your online business.
  • 9. The Weedwhacker Podcast with S J Barakony

    Are you thinking about going to college? Do you know WHY you want to go to college? Do you know what you want to study if you go to college?There are many of us who grew up in an era where our parents and just about everyone else said you need to go to college. Trade skills were often marginalized. Many people came out of college with almost worthless degrees, a mountain of student loan debt, and struggled to discover what they wanted to do in life.Sound familiar? Check out this episode of the Weedwhacker Podcast as Coach Mike discusses the WHY with his guest S J Barakony.
  • 8. Weedwhacker Podcast with Andrew Crawford

    Do you own a business?Are you in compliance? Compliance with what Coach Mike?Ah, that's the point. We are in a whole new world now. Between cyber security and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), there are more things that you need to be aware of when it comes to your business, your customer's private information, and what's keeping it all safe. Are you using A.I. to do some of your business processes? Are you aware that there is information that you should not give to A.I.? Oh oh.....Check out this episode of the Weedwhacker Podcast with my guest, Andrew Crawford, founder of Compliance Specialists USA. Andrew helps businesses avoid the hassles of violating privacy laws and keeping you AND your customer's information secure. Check out their website at
  • 7. Weedwhacker Podcast with David Chametsky

    What is mental health? What is Havening? Does positive thinking really help? How much control do you WANT to have over your life?These questions and more are part of the discussion as David discusses his story and how he helps other people to whack their mental weeds. Join me as I have the discussion with the host of the podcast Peace, Love, & Bring a Bat.
  • 6. Weedwhacker Podcast with The Blind Podcaster, Kevin Lowe.

    Kevin Lowe was dealt a bad hand.... or at least that's what many other people might say.I'm telling you right now, this is probably the most inspirational and fun interview I've ever done. And I've done some pretty cool interviews. Kevin Lowe is the host of Grit, Grace, & Inspiration Podcast. Kevin has been blind since age 17. Many people would have given up. Not Kevin. Check out this episode of the Weedwhacker to be inspired to quick making excuses and rise to the next level.
  • 4. Weedwhacker Podcast Episode 4 - Overcoming Addictions with Dr. Jackie McKool,

    Hear how having faith in God and growing a closer relationship with Jesus helped my guest go from Jackie McKool, bar room pool shooter and almost nightly drunk to Dr. Jackie McKool,, a chiropractic internist and student of wholistic medicine who has given her life to Jesus Christ and uses her experiences to help other women overcome their addictions, self destructive habits, and low self esteem to have a purpose in life. Jackie educates, encourages, and empowers communities on the truth about wholistic health and wellness. You can find Jackie's page on Facebook "The Truth About Wellness."