Wealth Cap Holdings: New Buyer's Guide


Process Overview: Why Wealth Cap?

Season 1, Ep. 1


If you're listening to the Buyer's Guide you have most likely invested (or plan to invest) in your first property with Wealth Cap Holdings. In this episode, Chris and Devon give an overview of the process, what to expect, and the benefits of investing with a company like Wealth Cap Holdings.

Investing in Wealth Cap Holdings is an amazing opportunity and we're glad that you're a part. The reality is, the amount of work it takes to find a deal, accurately estimate the costs, rehabilitate the property, and turn it around is tremendous. There is a lot of risk involved that we can mitigate for you.

You might be asking, "if the deals are so good why are we flipping them?"

It’s actually a part of our growth plan. Ideally we’d love to hold all the properties but that takes cash flow and, doing it this way creates an incredible opportunity for our people who don’t have the time to go through the strenuous process of investing in real estate.

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