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X3 and RACER: The Winning Formula For Faster Helicopter Flight

Season 2, Ep. 13

The X3’s legacy lives on with today’s RACER demonstrator, part of the European Union's Clean Sky 2 research programme. RACER improves upon the X3’s simple, proven formula, marrying higher speed with cost efficiency and fuel savings.

Flying 50% faster than a conventional helicopter by combining a main rotor with boxed wings and propellers, RACER could have a major impact on missions where speed means lives, such as emergency medical services and search and rescue.

On the 10th anniversary of the X3's first flight, let's take a walk back in time – and then into the future – with Tomasz Krysinski, the head of the X3 programme and today’s Head of Research & Innovation at Airbus Helicopters.

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