We Know None

Gwen Thomas' girlfriend, Frankie, disappeared two weeks ago. Following her trail, will Gwen find Frankie, or is she really gone?

Megan Gwen Davies

Creator Voice of Gwen She/Her Storytelling enthusiast and lover of all things horror. Will spend most evenings watching sitcoms and online shopping for haunted dolls. Previously appeared as Jet in Voidless and Morgana in Waiting.

Freyja Elsy

Composer Voice of Frankie She/Her Freyja enjoys independent bookshops, horror films and climate activism and can either be found behind a multitude of instruments, a sound desk or nose deep in a feminist novel. Previously voiced Valla in Voidless

Cait Gallagher

Producer Voice of Alex Griffiths and Eleanor Rice She/Her Ambitious human tasked with keeping order to the choas. Aspiring Jack of All Trades. Previously heard as Elyss in Voidless.

Liza Holmes

Editor Voice of DC Cooper She/Her Lover of stories, crafting and all things sound, Liza is currently trying to survive the last few months of her Masters degree. Recently she can be found hiding under a pile of blankets with a pair of headphones and endless cups of tea. Previously heard as the Computer in Voidless

Harri Glyn Davies

Voice of PC Ovril and Adam Pemberton He/Him Harri is a man of few words.

Helen Davies

Voice of Jean Griffiths She/Her Helen is a passionate about animals, and loves nothing more that walking and talking to her three fur babies (yes, they do talk back). Happiest being on her mountain next to the sheep.

Munro Page

Voice of Gareth Williams He/Him Munro is a music blogger, petrolhead and vintage clothes lover. He works for a contacr centre for a consumer charity and has a degree in politics. If he's not cooking up a Nigella recipe in the kitchen. He can be found watching Twin Peaks for the 50th time or scouting out new music on BBC 6 Music.

Jackson Free

Voice of Luke Johnson He/Him Trans and Proud, wants to be a bi-pirate, cosplayer and ambivert.

Alfred Dutch

Voice of Hector Bosko He/Him Enjoys voice acting alongside various other hobbies such as making Mods for video games, DnD, baking, writing, cooking, building lego MOC's and many other things. He's a volunteer for Alzheimer's UK and cannot speak French.

Nox Meriil

Voice of Harriet Plath She/Her Nox is a pastel-clad American currently living in Wales. While she hasn't been on stage in years, she continues to pursue her love of acting through her cosplay and youtube videos.

Hal Faux

Voice of Michael Teasdale He/Him Hal has in the past given himself a concussion in pursuit of a good gag and would do it again. Can often be found either on the ground or up a tree eating leaves. Likes: Comedy, Friends and Good Times. Dislikes: Brogues.

Nerys Howell

Voice of Helen Thomas She/They Nerys is the creator of Seren, a sci-fi podcast which debuted in January 2020. As well as voicing the two main characters in their own show, Nerys also plays Emma in Y2K, Nessa in This Planet Needs a Name, and the Reception Bot in Moonbase Theta, Out.

Izzie Dutch

Voice of Announcer and [Redacted] She/They Izzie Dutch is a literature graduate currently working on their diploma in cryptozoology. They haven't done much acting previously despite having an A-Level in theatre, but have really enjoyed being part of We Know None and hope to get into more projects in the future.

Andrew Noel

Ensemble Voices He/Him Andrew Noel is a Cardiff based writer, musician and vocalist. An alumnus of both Aberystwyth University and the workforce of Spiller Records. Andrew currently works for the Cardiff Business Improvement District. Outside of work he plays saxophone for the Eugene Capper band and Laundrette, and is the frontman of Jazz-Punk band Blue Amber.