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We Can Be Heroes

Skin on Rewriting The Narrative

Season 1, Ep. 1

Skin opens up about her experiences as a young woman growing up in Brixton. She talks about breaking free from an abusive boyfriend and discovering her sexuality, despite it being a taboo subject in her church upbringing. As an openly gay woman, Skin reflects on how it felt to be part of the straight, white, male music world of the 90s. This conversation with Glyn shows her self-discovery and as she remembers the most pivotal moments that have led her to being a leading cultural figure.

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  • 35. Amy Zing on Margate Pride 2023

    Amy Zing is co-founder of Sink The Pink and alongside Glyn, they created their perfect club night out which became the largest LGBTQ+ performance collective in the UK. Amy has since moved to Margate and co-founded Margate Pride as-well as co-founding OUT Margate, an LGBTQ-friendly youth club. In this chat, they look back at their clubbing days and how Amy's passion for serving a community has been at the heart of all her work.
  • 34. Billy Porter on Queer Utopia

    Glyn has an emotional and raw chat with Billy Porter about the ups and downs of his life and career. From 'learning to be straight' at drama school in the 80s, to being pigeonholed in Broadway in the 90s, Billy looks back on the moments that encouraged him to be true to himself and to find roles where he can express himself freely.
  • 33. Danielle St James on Trans Pride 2023

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes conversations around addiction.Glyn sits down with Danielle St James for an honest look back on London Trans+ Pride. Dani is the founder of the charity, Not A Phase, which aims to uplift the lives of trans people. She shares her story from being general manager of nightclubs, through overcoming addiction and continuing the quest for trans equality.
  • 32. VIN + OMI on Collaboration

    CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes conversations around suicide and self-harm.Vin and Omi are creators who together, have built one of the leading eco fashion brands today. Stitch by stitch, they are creating an ideology and their fashion shows have caught the attention of King Charles, Michelle Obama, Debbie Harry and Beyoncé. They share their experience of collaborating as a duo and living as a couple. They openly discuss their neurodiversities and the painful experiences that they each have channelled into creativity. With a punk, DIY ethic at their heart, Glyn gets to know what it's really like to work with your other half.
  • 31. Tom Rasmussen on Being In Control

    Tom Rasmussen talks about their journey to being a musical artist from their roots in as a drag performer. Tom opens up about their experience of physical violence and how they reclaimed their body and regained control through dance, music and creativity.
  • 30. Jake Shears on Creativity

    Fresh off the back of releasing his solo album 'Last Man Dancing,' Jake Shears chats to Glyn about the creative process in making his music. He looks back on how some of the music from Scissor Sisters was created using answerphone recordings and how he always has his friends in mind when writing music.
  • 29. Josh Rivers on Pursuing Joy

    Josh Rivers is the creator and host of Busy Being Black, the award-winning podcast centring the lives and experiences of queer Black people. He goes on a trip down memory lane with Glyn, to the early Sink The Pink club days and recalls how he grew to bring a sense of enchantment into his life. Josh works closely with UK Black Pride and attributes his successes to choosing to follow his own joy and listen to words of affirmation.
  • 28. ABSOLUTE. on Self-Belief

    ABSOLUTE. aka Anthony McGinley, is a DJ and producer who's roots are in queer clubbing. Anthony and Glyn were flatmates during lockdown and when they weren't drinking wine or watching Real Housewives, Anthony was in his bedroom creating music that he's now been able to play in clubs around the world. This episode, reveals the level of self-belief needed when trying to break through in the music industry.
  • 27. Kadiff Kirwan on Authenticity

    Kadiff Kirwan found his love for drama at school and is now a critically acclaimed actor in television & theatre. Kadiff shares his journey with Glyn as he looks back on the emotional time when he came out as gay to his religious family. Kadiff talks about how his lived experiences as a gay black man, inform his work as an actor and how he strives to promote authenticity within his roles.