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  • 1. Digital 2024 - behind the numbers

    In a bumper year for digital milestones, the Digital 2024 report from We Are Social, Meltwater and Kepios, shows that social media users have passed the 5 billion mark. Social media continues to be a vital part of the way we connect with one another, from building communities to researching purchases and everything in between. In this episode, Mobbie Nazir, Global Chief Strategy Officer at We Are Social, and Simon Kemp, from Kepios, author of the Global Digital Report series, discuss the data in the 550+ page Digital 2024 report and the behaviours driving the changes. Expect to find out which is the world’s ‘favourite’ social platform and why, which social channels have experienced growth in the last year, and what exactly people are getting up to when they spend time online. Useful links:The Digital 2024 report: 

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  • 1. Coming soon - Digital 2024

    More than 20 million people used We Are Social’s annual Digital 2024 report last year.The Global Digital Report podcast features highlights on how the world’s digital and social behaviours are evolving.Search for We Are Social Presents - Digital 2024 on your podcast app now.