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Ways To Win

Turning the Page with Phil Martelli

Ep. 13

Former NCAA men's basketball coach and Philly legend Phil Martelli joins Craig to talk about facing new chapters in life and work. Martelli answers a question about making major career transitions. Then, he outlines basketball’s deep Philly roots, praises listening as an underrated skill, and talks coaching high school basketball with Geno Auriemma.

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  • 15. Tone Matters with Jay Bilas

    ESPN analyst Jay Bilas joins us to explore the essential soft skills that drive success in both sports and business. Jay shares insights on tonem empathy, listening, and patience, reflecting on his journey from playing and coaching under the legendary Mike Krzyzewski - to his multifaceted career today. Plus Jay shares his thoughts on the state of the NCAA as we know it.
  • 14. Workplace Friendships with Ben Kaplan

    Author Ben Kaplan stops by to talk to Craig about writing his new book, Pipeline to the Pros: How D3, Small College Nobodies Rose to Rule the NBA, with the help of a childhood friend. Kaplan answers a question about how they maintained a successful friend/colleague dynamic. Then Ben discusses his own basketball journey, what makes "D3 guys" so special, and the unique connection he has with TNT Sports host Ernie Johnson.
  • 12. Managing Megastars with Dave Roberts

    Dodgers manager Dave Roberts joins Cal and Craig to talk about what it’s like managing some of the biggest names in sports. Roberts answers a listener question about handling pressure and what drives his desire to succeed. Then he talks growing up in a Japanese-American military family, joining UCLA baseball as a walk-on, and of course the Shohei Ohtani of it all.
  • 11. Dawn Staley on Championship Habits

    The head coach of the champion South Carolina Gamecocks joins Craig on her celebration tour. First she answers a listener's question about the role discipline has played in her career both on the court and on the sideline. Then the two talk about how Dawn instills discipline into her teams, and upholds the winning habits that make South Carolina a powerhouse basketball program.
  • 10. Alex Smith: Are You Gonna Live Today?

    First up, Cal checks in to talk about athlete mental health, and assembling a roster at Arkansas. Then, former NFL quarterback Alex Smith joins Craig to discuss mentoring Patrick Mahomes, overcoming a devastating injury, and how he handled anxiety and self-doubt during his career.
  • 9. Find Your Team with Rex Chapman

    To start, Coach Cal checks in from his new office at Arkansas and talks about how he’s building his staff, establishing a new culture — and what it means to transition from one phase to another. Then former star Kentucky guard and 12-year NBA vet Rex Chapman talks with Craig about how he overcame some of the rockiest periods in his personal and professional life. At the end of the day, whether in sports or in life, it’s all about the teammates you surround yourself with.
  • 8. How Not To Suck with Joe Maddon

    Championship-winning MLB manager and coach Joe Maddon sits down to chat with Craig. Joe helps a listener with some team-building advice. Then he lays out how he built a winning culture and a historic World Series run with the Cubs. Lastly, Joe explains the ingredients that make up great teams, why influencers make him laugh, and how his mom still holds him accountable.
  • 7. Clark's Future on the Fever with Tamika Catchings

    As the WNBA season nears, ESPN/SEC basketball analyst and Indiana Fever legend Tamika Catchings joins the show. She dives into the “pressure” #1 draft pick Caitlin Clark is under, tips for making it through the league’s training camp gauntlet, and what she learned during her own leap to the pros. Tamika also shares some poignant lessons from her college coach, the luminary Pat Summitt.