Wax Quizzical


Tina Del Twist with soup concierge Chalcedony (Cal Wilson) and elderly complainer Gerald (John Robles)

Season 1, Ep. 93

This week singer and unbeknownst to her comedian Tina Del Twist joins us to shoot for 10 out of 10 with Chalcedony Rockhusband, a local mobile soup concierge (Cal Wilson) and Gerald, an elderly man who mistook our show for the AAMI complaints line (John Robles)

Hosted by Kyran Wheatley.

Top Scores:

* Matt Stewart 10/10

* Tim Hewitt 10/10

Bottom Scores:

* Tom Cardy 2/10

* Lizzy Hoo 2/10

* Alex Ward 2/10

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