Wax Quizzical


Sashi Perera with Swamp Sally (Michelle Brasier) and Sandy de Lay (Alistair Baldwin)

Season 1, Ep. 103

Sashi Perera took time out from actual work to join us in the quiz trenches. She was joined by two members of the brains trust as per, first of all Real Estate Agent Swamp Sally (Michelle Brasier) who lives and works in the swamp, and Professor of Lateness Sandy de Lay (Alistair Baldwin) who was 9 minutes late (may have been Kyran’s fault).

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Hosted by Kyran Wheatley.

Top Scores:

* Tina Del Twist 10/10

* Matt Stewart 10/10

* Tim Hewitt 10/10

Bottom Scores:

* Tom Cardy 2/10

* Lizzy Hoo 2/10

* Alex Ward 2/10

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